CMC Guide Book

Dear CMC users,

We’ve published a document that gives an insight into the usage of physical controllers and explains in detail how to set up and work best with your CMC controllers. You can find the PDF file of the “CMC Guide Book” here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

This is a really nice guide, Stefan Schreiber. I would read more closely but am put off a little by some bad font substitution going on in the layout, throughout the document… Makes it look ugly. See the attached *.jpg…

Notice how capital(?) letter ‘I’ (‘eye’ as in Indigo) are emboldened and all letter ‘L’ (lower case actually - I had to do capital here so that it was clear, and not confused with capital ‘I’ ) are wrongly substituted for something… (capital ‘I’ again…?). Maybe this has only occurred on my machine; I have only the standard Win7 fonts and fresh update of Adobe reader. It looks the same if I am viewing on-line in a browser (Chrome - latest).

Please ask if you want some help diagnosing what may be going on - it probably is just my machine; but chances are it implies this will occur on others…
(First file is screen grab from inside Adobe Reader; second file is Document properties, ‘Fonts’ tab…)
CMC guide book_v1_fonts issue.jpg
CMC guide book_v1_fonts issue_2.jpg

Looks exactly like that in Foxit Reader too.