CMC LED Dimmer SysEx

I’ve found the SysEx messages needed for switching on an off the LED dimmer function in CMC remote devices .(This function is implemented in Cubase with a firmware update for the devices.) So the messages are:

F0 43 10 3E 18 00 01 02 01 F7 - to enable dimming

F0 43 10 3E 18 00 01 02 00 F7 - to disable dimming

Since dimming is not implemented in Wavelab, this way you can switch this function on. You can use a simple SysEx sending program, I am using Bome’s SendSX. You don’t have to type in the message each time, you can save it as syx file and automate things. I created batch files for the job. First the batch file starts SendSX and loads the appropriate syx file. Then it simulates an F4 keybutton press and sends the sysex to the CMC unit. (I had to use TIMEOUT command for waiting the close of splashscreen.) then it closes SendSX program and starts Wavelab 7. That way any other non Cubase program can be used with LED dimmer function.

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