CMC led dimming works only for CH module?

I have four CMC modules, TP, CH and 2x FD. (connected via same usb hub)
When I activate “led dimming” in cubase 11 onlyh the CH gets all buttons lit dimly, all other don’t light up similarly. (WIN10, Cubase 11, latest firmware & drivers)

Is there a way to get them all lit?

I have a feeling there’s nothing to be done about it. I have an FD plugged in and this works, maybe it doesn’t though for multiple devices.

Cubase is sending Sysex to turn that on and off, I have not succeeded in finding a way to spy on that port using a midi monitor like MIDI Ox or in Bome Midi Translator in order to troubleshoot.

Just figured out that other three modules were not updated, I had to attach modules one at a time for updater to recognize the module, Now after updating all the modules light up just fine.

It would be really hard to see button markings without the light!

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Wow :exploding_head: Updating CMC firmware I totally missed that for years. Thank you @Komero The FD was updated but my others weren’t.

And while I’m at it, here is the sysex to manually switch the dim lights on and off (for those who repurpose the CMC devices)

to turn lights on: F0 43 10 3E 18 00 01 02 01 F7
to turn lights off: F0 43 10 3E 18 00 01 02 00 F7

One more thing- Turning Dimming on, activates the lights, dimmed, and doesn’t actually dim the lights like a dimmer would. There must have been something lost in the translation from Japanese or German on this one!