CMC lights for 50 year old rockers...


I got the TP and the CH.

Basically good devices.
I am missing a “relative mode” for the fader on the CH, but I see Steinberg is working on it.

The Problem.

I am shortsighted, wearing glasses (visus 85%), and I simply can’t read the small printed on the buttons.

We are a bunch of old rockers & producers, all around 50 years old, and in the dim studio light it is really hard to see what’s printed on the buttons, confirmed by my non-glasses colleagues…

It could help if, for example, by pressing the “shift” button, all lights would temporary go on until you release it…

Just my 2 cents.


Hello Andy,

you don’t need to be 50 for not to see the buttons in a darker envirement. We are currently investigating how we can improve this.



Thanks Chris for your kind words :smiley:

I am used to be the blind grayhead in the band… :unamused: when I miss a beat with my bass guitar my bandmates always tell me that it’s not my fault, it’s because I don’t SEE the beat…

Merry X-mas to all Steinberg staff.


another thank you from a person who will most grateful for this improvement.

I was going to suggest a “glow” level for those buttons not currently active.

Hi Chris.

Any news on that? I’d like to buy more controllers, but not being able to see the buttons in the dim studio light makes them useless.


Any news on that? I’m still getting older… :smiley:

Are you referring to the DIM function that was introduced on these controllers a long time ago?