CMC-PD and Cubase 12 Apple Silicon?

No option for adding the PD controller or any of the other CMC series controllers, it seems… in Cubase 12 Apple Silicon mode. But it’s there in Rosetta mode.

Hmm… so the MIDI aspect of the controller works, using it to play drums… I just can’t assign the function buttons to things like “control room monitor selection”.

I tried to add a MIDI remote using the PD-controller but the MIDI mapper doesn’t respond to the pressing of the pads. (when the device is in function-key mode).

I don’t get it. Wouldn’t this be simple enough to implement on Steinberg’s end? Are folks having problems with their CC121’s too? …in Apple Silicon mode? This little PD controller comes in real handy sitting on the desk, tapping on pads to do things that you’d normally have to assign to “Cmd Option Shift +5” because you have no other keyboard shortcuts left.

Other devices can be added to the list, devices that are probably even older than the CMC controllers, and made by other manufacturers… I should think Steinberg would at least make sure its own devices are supported, regardless of age. It’s just a little tap on a pad, after all.