CMC-PD and Cubase Functions?


although this is kind of a hardware question its also about cubase so i hope this is an acceptable post here.

with the CMC-PD (the one that has the 16 drum pads) the manual explains that if you use it in Bank 16 mode then you can use the 16 pads assigned to “F1-F16” and they can be assigned to Cubase functions instead of drum sounds. this is what i would like to do.

however i would like to know, is the CMC-PD function key F2 a different one to the QWERTY F2 function key? i hope i can assign, for instance “Normalise” to the CMC-PD F2, and on my normal QUERTY keyboard key F2 i would like to assign it to “Dissolve Part”. ie i am hoping i can have 12 functions across my QWERTY kbd and another 16 on the CMC-PD if i purchase it.

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It isn’t related to the Qwerty F keys at all - it’s a button on the CMC labelled “shift” so you can indeed have 16 separate commands programmed

awsome Anton! that has sealed it for me ill be ordering one.

thanks for the info!

Cool - yep it’s a useful thing for sure :sunglasses:

i wish Steinberg would make a CMC that is just a grid of buttons top to bottom that you can assign to Cubase functions…with a small space below each button just big enough to write on a sticker the function and place it there.

so many ctrl-R/Alt-D etc functions … basicially like the CMC-PD but more rows of buttons just top to bottom and with enough gap between the rows to put a function descripton. just look at the massive list of assignable functions…damn… i woulda thought this would be a massive potential market…request here Steinberg alert alert!! :slight_smile:

Well, the CMC-PD does have 16 assignable buttons. I have a brother label printer that prints on 1/4" tape that fits nicely between the buttons. I have all 16 labled with hard-to-remember key commands. So this is kind of what you’re looking for.

I also use an XKeys pro which does exactly what you’ve described. It’s killer.


hi Rich, thanks for the heads up! wow ! this one is exactly what i described!!!

how do you find the drivers and software…Win 7 x64 bit? stable? fast response? doesnt crash cubase?

did you find it better than the Genovation ones? anyone use Genovation with Cubase?

this one looks awsome

The latest version of drivers from PIEngineering work fine. In fact, I talked with one of their programmers and was able to use one key to toggle through all the mixer views. I just tap it and go from one view to the next. Very handy and fast!


hi Rich, have you (or anyone else) tried connecting two CMC-PDs to a pc system? would i get 32xfunction keypads? or would it replicate the first one. two beside each other would look awsome. i know the CMCs are able to be chained up to one system but has anyone tried two of the same together?

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hi i have purchased a CMC-PD and following on from my last post it seems interesting that under “Device Setup/Remote Devices” i have a listing for the Steinberg CMC-PD. But then once highlighted on the right i have the dropdown boxes “Midi Input - Midi Output” and in the dropdown boxes there is the option to select either “Steinberg CMC-PD-1” OR “Steinberg CMC-PD-2”. why is there seemingly two CMC-PDs listed when i only have one connected? which one should be selected for use ? please see the attachment, i have shown the setting in question.

further, does this unexpected eventuality mean that i can indeed connect two CMC-PDs to the one system and have Cubase recognise them both?


One physical device, two virtual MIDI ports.
CMC-PD-1 is the port on which MIDI note data is transmitted and received (Pad Banks 1-15)
CMC-PD-2 is the port on which Cubase remote control data is transmitted and received (the buttons and Pad Bank 16).

CMC-PD-2 should be selected as both the input and output for the Remote device (what you have in the screenshot)
CMC-PD-1 should be the input for a MIDI or instrument track.
You can also set CMC-PD-1 as the output for a MIDI track if you want a light show. :wink:

thanks Shinta! important information.

why is this not in the manual?


just by the way it is not possible to connect two CMC-PD units to one system currently. this is from Steinberg. hopefully they will allow this soon…and give the knob on the CMC-PD some usefulness. a great knob with very little to do…


In case you haven’t seen this one :

iPad + Lemur seems like a really cool thing to have for Cubase.