CMC-PD and QC causing issues with CC121

I purchased both the PD and QC to run along side my CC121 only to discover immediately after setting them up that the CC121 does not operate properly when the CMC devices are present. The automated fader on the CC121 jumps erratically and at times it sort of “locks up”. And I know for a fact at this point that it is indeed the CMC controllers causing the problem because I have literally tried over a dozen times to uninstall, reinstall the latest update for all controllers with no luck, and every time I unplug the CMC’s, my CC121 is perfect again. HUGE disappointment. Steinberg, please find a solution.

It could be that you basically have two of the same controller in use.

The CC121 is basically the CMC CH, TP, QC, and AI in one.

Probably a conflict somewhere.

Hi burufunk,

Have you already installed the latest TOOLS for CC121 update, version 1.7.2?

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Hey guys, thnx for the replies. I have installed the latest tools for both CMC’s and the CC121. I’ve verified the proper installation and setup of everything so many times I’m just tired of messing with them so I just got rid of them. Kept the CC121 though. It works flawlessly by itself.