CMC-PD editor and MAC OS Mojave

(This as of Feb 8, 2019.)
The CMC-PD editor does not see the device in MAC OS MOJAVE, but it does in Windows 10. Fingers crossed that Steinberg will fix.

As far as I’m concerned there is no CMC-PD equivalent on the market. It’s got 16 extremely velocity sensitive little pads that all fit into my 13" laptop bag… ALONG with my laptop, power cord, an MPK mini keyboard controller, backup hard disk, etc… It’s mobile HEAVEN.

So, I will no longer be upgrading MAC OS on my 2012 Macbook Pro, which works astoundingly well with Cubase 10… compared to my home-built Windows machine, which works fine, just not rock solid in the same way. MAC OS has it down… plus the ability to have an aggregate audio device (2 or more USB audio devices simultaneously)

Hi shaguzulu,

I’m on a 2017 iMac Pro with Mojave, using a number of hubs between the Mac and the PD. Even in this scenario - the CMC-PDEditor launches and runs fine, as far as I can tell… it certainly sees the device. By the way - I agree that the PD pad controller is one of the best midi input devices I have, and sees constant use!

Write back If there’s any system config or other info I can provide to help.

Hmm. Thanks Nicholas.

I can’t imagine there’d be any system config I would need to tweak or that you’ve specifically done to get the PD to be recognized by the MAC. Maybe I have a faulty USB port or maybe I just needed a reboot or something. Each time I tried to initiate the reset option, it was simply greyed out in the menu. And changes I made in the software never would propagate to the hardware.

I’ll give it another shot at some point. I’m glad that I have a Windows machine to at least make the few edits I do.

Thanks for responding.