CMC-QC: Bidirectional MIDI mode?


I recently purchased Cubase 7.5 with the CMC-QC controller. I’ve noticed that the eight rotary encoder knobs on the QC unit are only bidirectional in the Quick Controller mode. Is this by design, or have I made a mistake somewhere in my configuration of Cubase?

I think you might have made an error somewhere.
I have seen no such problems in EQ or MIDI modes.
Best describe an example where this doesn’t work.

The hardware isn’t updated with changes to CC values from automation in the project window or in the MIDI part editor, whether I’m playing a project, changing tracks, or moving to a different time. I’ve tried switching modes under CC Automation Setup, double checked the device setup, and looked through the documentation. It just doesn’t work. Only QC mode functions in this way for me.

I won’t be able to check this for some time - perhaps someone else can verify or not ???

Hi All

I can only talk for EQ mode as that is what I use it for, (plus the function keys) and the EQ updates without any problems here, highlight the EQ of a particular track in the mixer and the QC knobs lights up with whatever EQ bands I’m using. Just a thought, have you updated the firmware? also if you have more than one CMC you MUST, when updating, disconnect all the other CMC’s !!! that is , do them one at a time!

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