CMC QC CC implementation

Hi, I would like to know (if anybody of steinberg is reading, being that the products ship on October)…If I can record CC on the track I have selected with the QC.

For example, I have a knob assigned to CC #01, another to CC #11, and y go to track one, move the knobs, record the CC changes, go to another track, move the same knob, record the changes, and so on…

When I see the QC editor, it has a channel option for every knob, so that is confusing…I would like to thing you can assign the knob so it can be used with the track selected, so I can record MIDI CC in the events themself, and not via quick controls.


Chris, anybody?

Also, I assume the AI Knob can control 2.4 vst plugins? the manual says Vst3, but the cc121 1.5 can control them I believe.

With the CMC QC, the way it is layed out is that when you open the QC tab in cubase you will see 8 automation slots that correspond directly to the CMC QC device (eg. the 4 knobs on the top row control the first 4 QC slots in Cubase). While in QC mode, you can assign any filter effect on any ofthe eight slots with the device. And, when you move to a different track using the same knobs, the filter’s parameter values don’t get skewed when changing from track to track. I would recommend this device to control any vst/vsti plugin

So you say I can record CC program changes like modulation, expression in the event recorded itself, using the knobs on a track, and the go to another track and do the same?

I know about the QC, but I was wondering about CC, without having to set anything on Cubase, in CC mode…


With quick controls, you can assign a cc using one of the 8 knobs and do the same with another track. You no longer have to go to the device setup to assign a midi cc to to get your automations within a vst or vsti to work. The little device all does it for you under QC mode, allowing to access up to eight diferrent automation events.

The problem that you get into when in midi mode is that your automation values get altered when switching from track to track. For example, lets say I’m running two instances of massive (each on a different track). In midi mode, when I change the automation parameter of an event (eg. cuttoff) on the 1st track using knob 1 of the CMC QC controller then switch over to the second track to tweak another event (eg. resonance) while using the same knob, the automation will suddenly jump to the specific frequency data that I left it at, thus altering the original data that it had. This behavior applies to other midi controllers and can be a real problem when doing fine tuning with automation on multiple tracks. The CMC in QC mode does not show this behavior, which is why I will be now using it to control all automations for my vst’s and vsti’s.

Is there a way to change know sensitivity at all?

I find myself trying to write fast panning changes and the movement just isn’t fast enough, so I always end-up going back to the mouse…

That’s the problem with infinite knobs, but I wonder i there’s a way to change that?