CMC-QC poor midi control resolution??

OK, i’ve RTFM’d, scoured the internet and I’m back.

I’ve tried to use my QC as a midi controller, connecting it to a cubase synth in Learn mode and recording some sweeps into Cubase 6.

Only problem is, every click (or detent) on the CMC’s knob shifts the controller up/down 5pts (out of the midi range of 0-127).

That only gives me 25 different steps for the controller – impossible to get a smooth filter sweep! Useless!

Will some one please help? I cannot believe the QC is meant to be this way!

Is there a way to change the resolution?

ps: the QC editor said that particular knob was set to be the full midi range of 128.

Hold the shift key while you turn the knob.

Ha! Thanks Shinta. Found it in the manual too now :blush:

No 2-knob tweaking possible though? unless I can find something heavy to hold down the shift key…

Shame. Maybe a future update could implement a ‘press once for shift on, press again for shift off’ ?