CMC TP adds latency?

Hi guys, what’s up?
I’ve purchased 4 cmc controllers back in 2013. And have been using them in a w7 x64 laptop with cubase elements 7.0.8 (not sure about the version, but the latest) with a TASCAM US1800.
Now I have a new laptop, with w10 and the same cubase.
I’ve installed the controllers and they all work OK. But I noticed that I have latency now. It was a session with only one track.
I did some tests, and the problematic one seems to be the CMC TP. If that one’s plugged, it causes latency. I had them all in a usb hub, but using it directly in the laptop usb port makes the same problem.
I’ve tested with the asio4all driver and this didn’t happen (of course if I add several tracks -even though I max out the settings) I start getting even more latency and noises all over.
Another thing is that when the latency starts, the only way to get it back to normal is to turn off the us1800 and unplug the cmc tp then turn the us1800 on again. Of course, if the cmc tp is still unplugged, everything is fine and dandy. Plug it back in, and you’re done for.
So I’m guessing it has to be something between the us1800 driver (the last version) and the cmc tp.
The only thing I didn’t try was to downgrade the us1800 driver. Besides that, any other idea of what could it be o what else could I try?
Thanks in advance!
Gabriel - Argentina