CMC-TP Discontinued?

I recently ordered the CMC-TP to control NUENDO 6 from our various control rooms/Studio’s, however this was the response from Andertons UK;
“We have just been advised by Steinberg that the CMCTP has been discontinued and they have no further stock.”
Most disappointed to say the least. Is this correct? If so any other transport controllers in the pipeline. The iPad controller would be most useful for Nuendo but not implemented for some reason, only for Cubase!

The CMC family are no longer featured in the Steinberg Shop. In addition, when viewing from the Products link, there is no longer a “Buy Now” Link.
Hmmm ? ! ?

You would expect to hear it first on Steinbergs own website rather than from a shop!!

Still working from here at

I’m referring to Steinbergs own Website ! Have you never looked in the Shop? (Its the second menu item :wink: )

Yes I know you still see it in the Product page, but there is no “Buy Now” Link as there are for other products (e.g. CC121).
Why is it not featured in the Shop under Hardware?
Sure seems strange after touting the awards it has won as well as featuring 15 Artist Testimonials on the Product page.

I’m saying, on my system it’s all there, buy buttons, products, the shopping cart, asking for my money, all of it.

I click on your provided link and it’s not there. Must be differences on the servers each side of the big pond.

I’ve hinted at this in another thread here and it is looking more and more real…It seems to me the CMC series is being discontinued/phased out. It’s been a year since the last update and no moderator or Steinberg representative ever bothers to even show up in this forum section.

My main retailer here in the Netherlands has both the CMC-TP and CMC-QC as discontinued, the CMC-AI isn’t even listed anymore. It’s just a matter of time before the others will follow. And this is a HUGE retailer with an abundance of resources. For them to mark these products as discontinued tells me all I need to know.

Hopefully Steinberg will continue to support the CMC’s atleast at the very basic level, just to keep them working with their current functionality with future OS’s and Cubase versions.

Aloha guys, just to chime in.

Links working fine on this side on the planet. (two ponds away)

No prob to ‘buy’ from here.

No buying link for me in the Netherlands :confused:

No links here in the UK :frowning:
Hope they keep supporting them.

No links in CROATIA !

A good thing I recently completed my CMC Collection to the maximum: the sixthpack + 3 extra FD controllers :laughing: I wonder why they would discontinue these controllers. I like them a lot and consider them good value for money.

It seems that some users in a select few countries are having difficulties ordering certain CMC models from their local distributors, however we have not heard from our development team in Germany about any plans to discontinue the CMC series of devices at this time.

Thank you.

well say ! I’m happy ! :slight_smile:

I really hope that is the case. I think they are great little bits of kit, especially for someone like myself with a limited workspace :smiley:

If you do a search for the CMC-TP in the UK online shops, Andertons, GAK, DV247, Soundslive, say no stock and discontinued. Scan, Gear4Music, Production Room have no stock. However Gear4Music are selling Cubase7.5 bundled with a selection of CMC products. Is this to clear their stock?

Joshua, I do not understand why you posted this on the forum, since it It gives no information either way regarding the question.

I checked with the official subdistributor here and they are all still available.

I notice the CMC series is missing from the Steinberg online shop (UK prices), unlike the UR Series, CI Series, MR Series and the CC121. Have the CMC Series ever been sold by Steinberg online (UK)?