CMC-TP recognized...or not !

last update:

my mac with bootcamp partition (win 7 64bit) (same hardware, same devices, same usb port etc.):

  • boot win7 bootcamp partition
  • installed cmc win drivers
  • installed ur824 win drivers
  • installed cmc win tools
  • installed cubase 7 64bit for windows

the result:
EVERY CMC WORK FINE including TP !!!

I’m very very sad.
There’s some strange problem in native mode mac osx (actually 10.8.3)
I think, at this point, I should stop doing other tests
I was unlucky
This is a rare problem and it happened to me. C’est la vie :frowning:

Thanks to all those who have taken the time to my problem

all the best

Sorry for my bad english :wink:

Maybe you could try something else: startup Halion Sonic in STAND-ALONE mode and check if the TP is working.
It looks like the same problem I had: within Cubase not working, in Halion and Halion Sonic in stand-alone, they work.
No support from Steinberg as my PC is a dual boot WIn 7 PC and Mac Snow Leopard (otherwise called Hackintosh).