CMCCH available but Ican't add it

Hello toeveryone I have a problem with my new CMC CH.
I installed latest software and firmware versions and I can see it in in the list that appeares when I click on the “+” button (Cubase 5), but when I choose “CMC CH” and click OK it doesn’t add to the list of my midi controllers.
p.s. Wndows XP sp3

Please help! :cry:

Thanks for helping.

Still no replys? :open_mouth:
No one take care of the little Banshee? :cry:
Please heeeeeelp!!! :astonished:

Hey little Banshee.
I believe support for the CMC’s came with Cubase 5.5.1 so maybe that’s where the problem is?

Both Cubase 5 and XP32 are not supported anymore.
Support has end both from Microsoft and Steinberg.
Sorry but you need to buy a new modern computer with Windows 8.1 and update Cubase to new Cubase PRO 8 to be able to use your CMC controller. Work in Windows 7 and Cubase 7 too of course. But buy and update to latest version of both sofware and computer.

Best Regards

lack of support and don’t work are two different things. He just may need to work a little harder to get it rolling.

Are you using a powered USB-Hub? If you have an non-powered hub with a lot of USB-devices you additional device, in your case a CMC controller, might not be recognized.