Hi there,

I just assigned my own shortcuts Cmd+Alt+M and Cmd+Alt+M to “change selected notes to the next/previous voice”. Cmd+Alt+M works like a charm, but Cmd+Alt+N only works about 20% of the time, because in 80% of the time, Dorico creates a new project. I looked through the shortcuts, but “create new project” is obviously assigned to Cmd+N, not Cmd+Alt+N. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug?

Kind regards!

If it works 20% of the time, it’s some kind of keyboard issue. It could be a hardware issue with your keyboard, or it could be related to your keyboard layout (unfortunately the Qt application framework Dorico uses is not immune from bugs in this area).

Daniel has a point here, with numerous problems between key bindings and the Qt framework. I discovered a whole lot of impossible combinations when trying to port Note Express to my French keyboard layout, and there’s no reason this should be limited to my layout :wink: