cmd+alt+right/left arrow and cmd+alt+shift+right/left arrow doesn't work

Hi, I cannot find out why some shortcuts to move or prolong objects by the caret doesn’t work on my system. Pressing them I am just getting an typical macos “mistake” sound.

I have this issue with a following shortcuts:
cmd+alt+right/left arrow and
cmd+alt+shift+right/left arrow

By the way other two shortcuts with a similar functionality work just fine:
alt+right/left arrow and
alt+shift+right/left arrow

I am on a latest macos and Dorico 1.1
Dorico language set to english
keyboard language - german

Would appreciate your help
Thank you

Hi, “Reset Key Commands” solved my problems, any way I am quite sure I have never set my own shortcuts for commands cmd+alt+right/left arrow and cmd+alt+shift+right/left arrow. It takes lots of time now to set my own shortcuts. Hope a next update wont mess everything again…

Dear mipi,

You probably have made some personal improvements on the keyboard shortcuts preferences, and the new 1.1 update has not overwritten your preferences, BUT you do not benefit from the new shortcuts. The solution is very simple (but tedious if you have manually changed a lot of things) : click on the reset preferences button. You will have to re-enter all your personal shortcuts but all those documented will work properly I think.

[Edit] : I answered a little bit late…