cmd as split on select tool doesn't snap to grid

I’ve had this issue happen on four machines and three OS types now, all on Cubase 8.0.10, both 32 and 64bit:
MacPro (new) - 10.10.3
MBP Retina - 10.10.3
27" iMac - 10.10.3
MacPro (old) - 10.8.6

If I have the select tool’s split modifier (ie when holding a key while using the select tool, it turns into the scissor tool) set to cmd, it does not snap to grid despite having snap-to-grid enabled. If I set the split modifier to the opt key, it snaps to grid. Can it be made possible for the command key to act as the split modifier and still snap to grid?

One other thing I’ve noticed in the latest versions is that we cannot have the split and the slip modifiers set to the same key. In Cubase 5, you could set them to the same key so you’d never have to release the key every time cut, slip, cut, slip, etc. This is now impossible, as it gives a “key is in use, overwrite?” prompt when you try. Would this be something that could change back to the old behavior?

I originally posted this in issue reports, but it got moved… Nothing I ever post in there gets through. How am I supposed to report bugs and get support from Steinberg if they move or reject my posts on the issue reports forum??

That is a really good question.


This is due to the introduction of the cmd/ctrl key as a snap toggle.

To report bugs, by using the requested format. To get support from SB tech support, by making a support request from your account at

Thanks Steve. I never get any feedback on my reports as to WHY they get rejected, only that they get rejected. How was my original post not proper format for a bug report? This forum doesn’t have much as far as transparency or guidelines; I follow all of the stickied posts on that forum for submitting my bugs and it still get rejected.

I’ll investigate as to whether or not removing the cmd key as a snap toggle will change this behavior - if it doesn’t, we’ve got a “two features make a bug” situation on our hands.

The cmd snap toggle is not modifiable, afaik, so you might be right in saying that the addition of that feature has limited another feature.

The word ‘bug’ has a pretty specific meaning- that something is not working as designed, which wouldn’t be the case here.

That does not make it less needed, but does make it a topic for the General or Feature Request forum. The staff does read the forum here. In fact, that is probably how the snap toggle function got added.

If in the menu it’s telling me that I can set the modifier key to be cmd but then in practice prevents me from realistically using that tool as intended, it’s a bug.

Surely the guy who built the functionality of having the modifier key be customizable didn’t intend for it to hinder other key commands - isn’t that why the program prevents/warns users who try to map a function for a key command that’s already assigned to another function?

This is why I submitted it as a bug - if I had coded that original piece and someone later showed me that it wasn’t functional, I would be miffed that someone had broken my build. I don’t think that product upkeep and paying down tech debt should be considered a feature request.

I agree, semantics aside, it’s illogical and can get in the way. There’s a feature request topic asking that the modifier keys all be editable, which of course would solve the problem.