C'mon guys. No audio/video from the 'Stage Club Event'?


Reading all about the:
‘Stage Club/ Steinberg 30 Years of Creativity First’ event

with passages like:

Our love for music being the driving force behind the company’s success,
many employees grabbed the opportunity to perform live on stage.
In fact two bands were formed for the sole purpose to play some of their favourite music that very night.

And then realizing that Cubase is an audio/MIDI recording application, my thoughts go to:
How come there are no recorded examples so we can all enjoy the festivities?

Perhaps Steiny will post some stuff from the event on UTube. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Party on guys!

Perhaps, they could provide just the midi events :mrgreen:


As soon as I read the banner I knew there was fun going on
and I was looking forward to ‘hearing’ some performances.

It’s as if the PhotoShop folks held an event and
no pix were posted after the party.
Only a few sound snips.

In Steiny’s defence, perhaps it is a legal thang and permission is needed
for public release.

Would be nice tho’.

ye love to hear it n see it