Co-install WL 9 and 8.5?

I have 2 machines, the one is running OS X 10.10 and has WL9 installed on there (in trial/demo mode), and the other machine is running OS X 10.9 and only has WL8.5 on there. I need to use both machines, WL9 needs OS X 10.10 or higher, and I’m not looking at upgrading the OS yet on the OS X 10.9 machine. Some other companies force you to surrender your previous licence and I’m wondering if this is the case with Wavelab. After the trial/demo will registering the upgrade to WL9 replace the WL8.5 licence I have on my USB eLicencer, making the older machine unusable?

If you do an upgrade the WL9 license will replace the WL8 license on your eLicenser, so you can only use Wavelab on one computer at a time, by moving the WL9 USB eLicencer from one computer to the other (the WL9 license will support running 8.5 on the 8.5 computer). So the older machine with 8.5 won’t be unusable, but you will need to move the USB key from computer to computer to use each one.

I haven’t seen a WL9 trial version yet, so I assume you’re using WL9 on the 10.10 computer with another (or the same?) eLicenser with trial time for all products (?).

Thanks Bob99 for your reply. Moving the USB key from computer to computer is what I do already, and I’m happy with that workflow. Am even happier now that, as you say, the WL9 licence will replace the WL8 licence but I can still use WL8.5 as it is on the older machine.
The trial/demo version came up on installation of the upgrade of WL9 Pro. It offered me a few days use without needing to put in my activation code straight away. The only reason I didn’t input the activation code straight away was that I wanted to know if my 8.5 machine would become unusable and force me to upgrade it’s OS.
Thanks again for your reply Bob99.

Just to update…I activated WLP9 on my OS X 10.10 machine. Tried to open WL8.5 on old OS X 10.9 machine - it began a 4 hour trial of it. I did not use that machine much as a result. Few months later I decided to update the old machine from OS X 10.9 to OS X 10.10 and install WLP9 on it. Once done, I tried opening WL8.5 expecting the trial to continue from where it had last left off (still had about 3 hours left). Much to my delight it opened 8.5, not in trial mode, but as the full version. So my outcome has been this - yes you can still use 8.5 (your full version not the 4 hour trial) AS LONG AS you have WLP9 installed on the same machine…which means you have to at least be using OS X 10.10 - which was an upgrade I didn’t want to do to that machine, but have done now, and (fingers crossed) am happy I did. Maybe this info update may help someone facing the similar issue. Kind regards.

I think you’re drawing the wrong conclusion here. The WL9 license on the dongle will support any older version on another computer - as long as the eLicenser software is up to date. The eLicenser needs to be aware of a newer version existing, so it can recognize your upgraded but still valid license on the dongle. So I’m thinking your old eLicenser on the older Mac wasn’t up to date and therefor didn’t recognize a valid license for WL8.5. By installing WL9 you also installed a more current version of eLicenser.