CO2 Equilibrium

New piece using Spitfire BBC Core together with various synths and the Groove Agent that comes with Cubase. It’s a new blend of the symphony with the synth.

Would appreciate comments positive or negative.


Leon’s world domination of all musical genres continues!

This is a lovely Leon tune (your titles are excellent) and I really like your (I don’t know the correct words) instrumentation? Arrangement?

I wasn’t a fan of the first appearance of the drums - didn’t like the ‘fade in’ (don’t know if it was but it sounded like that) and I thought the bass drum and cymbals could have been louder. Really liked when they reappeared towards the end. Just before the second appearance of the drums, I loved the brass/horns build-up as well. Great to hear this synthesis of instruments, held together by a lovely repeating theme and stylish arrangement. I’m a fan.


Hi Steve, thanks for listening! It’s been very quiet around here. I have not been able to get notifications from the forum to work either, so I miss things from time to time. Would you suggest I remove those initial percussion sounds until the kick comes in? Might be a good idea.

Leon, I still haven’t got used to the new forum layout and for a combination of reasons haven’t been popping in as much as I have previously. It feels more difficult to just pop in with the new layout.

I’m certainly not going to suggest anything about your arrangement in this; just a first impression comment that when I was first aware of drums, I was surprised they ended. Meaning, I suppose, that my expectation of drums is that they signify a build up and increase (if they aren’t present at the beginning) and that threw me. This is said in the context of thoroughly enjoying the tune.


Works for me! Nicely done.

Thanks for listening, Nic!

Sounds nice! What piano library are you using here?

Glad you enjoyed it! The first piano that comes in is The Grandeur from Native Instruments. It is joined by the Scarbee Mark I electric piano, also from NI. The middle section is The Gentleman upright piano, also from NI.

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Cool! I have used all of those regularly, just didn’t recognize those pianos in the mix right away. The Scarbee Mark I, that one I’ve used since 2005 – from back when it was a Halion library, and could be bought as the “K.G.B. – Keyboard Gold Bundle”. :joy: Later Mr. Scarbee signed the deal with NI and they made it a part of the Komplete package. :nerd_face: Still arguably the best sampled Rhodes there is, even if it is getting close to 20 years old!

Yeah, that Rhodes is definitely my favorite. I don’t use any other. And I use it a lot!

Hi Leon,

I’ve finally found the time and head space to catch up with a few Cubase performancesamd what a way to start! Love it. Excellent structure, lovely lines and the arrangement is first rate. Thank you for sharing. (apologies for such a late reply…)

All the best


Glad you enjoyed!

I’m liking this, as I listen. I’ve been out of the Steinberg Lounge loop for awhile, so I’m not sure if you’d done much to modify this after first posting it, but I like the mixing of all the elements (and the mix of the instrumentation). The composition is really nice too, and that, of course, is where it all begins. I remain a fan of your music.

I love how the piano harmonies are one for each ear! Sounds like the 70s crashed into 2050. Brilliant composing and mixing mate, I got totally lost in this track :heart_eyes:

Hey, thanks for listening, John. Glad to see you back here.

Nice of you to give it a listen, Chubs! If the harmonies for each ear got you lost, then it worked!

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