Coda advice

I have a jazz lead sheet which I feel needs a Coda to show how solos and the melody cycle, but the To Coda is just the end of the melody, which is the same spot the D.S. is in. The coda really works like an extra four bars tacked on to the end after everything is done. Any tips as to how to notate something like that?

Right now, I didn’t put a To Coda marking in, as it would just be over the D.S. al Coda symbol, but since it’s a jazz lead sheet and the whole thing loops indefinitely I’m not really sure the best way to notate this.

Here’s the end…

And in case it’s useful, here’s the top where you can see the segno. The 1st & 2nd ending repeat is why I chose not to just put a repeat at the end, and went with a sign instead.

I think I would just use text like:

1st x D.S.
2nd x to Coda

Or if open:

One cue: to Coda

Or something similar above the staff and right-aligned with the barline.

Ah, this makes sense. I can edit the D.S. marking for that, right? It’s open for sure—I anticipate several choruses of solo.

Actually, it looks like the D.S. al Coda Custom Text box will only allow 1 line. So, maybe a text (sft-x) box?

You can use multi-line text, but you need to copy and paste it. I usually just type it into one of the longer project info fields with the correct line breaks, copy it, and then paste it into the Properties field.

Yep, this worked! Any way to right align the text when doing it this way?

Here’s what I did…

I ended up using a system text object so I could right-align.