Coda is not playing back with swing feel

For some reason the coda section is not playing back with the same medium swing 8th feel of the main section. I have tried applying it directly to the Coda using shift T but it still plays back straight.

Welcome to the forum, @GrowliongGecko. I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe – take a look at the attached trivial example I knocked up to make sure it works as expected.

swing-coda.dorico (995.6 KB)

If you’re having problems, please consider uploading your own project here so we can take a look and we should be able to help you sort it out.

It seems to only be happening with D.S al Coda as I have edited your file and have uploaded along with my original arrangement
swing-DScoda.dorico (953.9 KB)
CliffsOfDover.dorico (1.2 MB)

Long answer:

In the file swing-DScoda.dorico, the To Coda marking appeared to be attached to the last 8th note in the bar rather than to the following barline. On playback, everything played in swing the first time through. On the D.S., the first two bars played in swing but the first seven notes in the third bar played straight and then jumped to the Coda. The notes in the Coda played in swing. When I moved the To Coda marking to the right by one note, so that the attachment line was to the barline, every note played in swing including bar 3 and the Coda. If I moved the To Coda marking to the left, on the D.S. the notes in bar 3 before the To Coda marking played straight. On the jump to Coda, all the Coda notes played swing.

The file CliffsOfDover.dorico behaved the same way, although the playback style in the Coda was different.

Short answer:

First, set your rhythmic grid to 8th notes, then select the To Coda marking in bar 48 and press alt + right arrow. This will move it so that it is attached to the first note of bar 49.
Alternatively, select the To Coda marking, cut it, select the first note in the next bar and paste.

You will probably be able to delete the Rhythmic feel reset signpost at bar 55 without affecting the swing playback.


And bingo! Thanks Steven You are a legend

@dspreadbury In a Dorico project which contains a D.S. al Coda jump and when a swing feel has been applied prior to the 𝄋 sign, I find the following intriguing. When the To Coda marking is attached to the first rhythmic position in a bar (ie right on the first beat), resulting in the jump to coda taking effect at the barline which starts that bar, the swing feel is maintained for the whole of the preceding bar. However, when the To Coda marking is attached to any other rhythmic position within a bar, the playback feel is straight for all of the notes in that bar which precede the To Coda marking. This behaviour occurs after the D.S. jump has been made - the first time through, playback feel is as expected.

Yes, it’s not really surprising to me. Dorico will only be able to correctly play back swing rhythmic feels if it is working with whole bars.

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