coda problem with grand staff bracket

When I add a coda sign I get a bracket in the grand staff which I don’t want.

If I delete the bracket the bracket in that staff and the next one also are removed.

Also the barlines get extended to all staves. I’d like them to be as they were.
How to solve these problems ?

Engraving Rules / Repeat Markers / Repeat sections.

At the end, set “Default gap before mid-system coda section” to 0.

Thank’s, been there… - this closes the gap but the bracket and extended barlines are still there…

Mads, I don’t understand your Coda structure. You’ve labelled the start of that bar as the Coda, and the end of that bar as a D.S. al segno. Are you sure that you don’t want “To Coda” at the start of that bar?

I haven’t tried it, but can’t you simply use the bracket tool in Engrave mode to get rid of those?

The coda jump takes place one bar before the melody ends (it should actually say “To Coda”)
you can see the coda in “codaproblem 2.jpg”. I didn’t put in the coda sign there yet.

If it should say “to Coda” you need to use the “to Coda” repeat jump, not the “coda” instruction. I’m pretty sure that if you do that, the whole problem will likely disappear.

And you are right - as usual :smiley:
Thank’s :slight_smile: