coda question

sorry, i just can’t find it. maybe i’m blind. i searched in the engrave options.
why is my stave with the ‘coda’ text centered more to the right. I don’t want that. how can i change it again so that the stave starts at the same place than all the others please?

and second question:
how do I cahnge the font of the word ‘coda’?
I went to engrave mode -> fonts -> but I just can’t find the ‘font-word’ for the ‘coda’ text.

Thanx a lot

For the first question, see

For the second, hopefully someone else will answer before I get to my computer.

The font is a Paragraph Style:

thank you so much guys !
I have a german version and I couldn’t find a font starting with ‘Wiederholung’ - that’s why I was so desperate…have to search again…or just count the items down from a German font which sounds similar to an English fonts :slight_smile:

The last time I checked there was only one of me :wink:

There is indeed only one of you, and what a one you are!


sorry Leo. It was late, I was stuck in a train - forgive me. You are the ‘only one’ :slight_smile:
Thanx for your help.
I found everything back.