Coda separates double bar line in ossia staff?

Screenshot 2021-03-12 151546

As seen here. Everything looks fine without the Coda, of course…
Anything I can do about this?


Does the ossia continue through the coda, or does it end before it? Can you end it slightly earlier, and re-initiate after the coda begins? Just thinking out loud here. Obviously that certainly looks quite wrong.

Hey Dan!

No, the ossia is meant to be just this one bar. If I move the end staff flag one sixteenth note earlier, it looks worse, because it cuts off the ossia staff before the last sixteenth note.


Really dumb workaround: add a 16th to that bar using Shift-B, then use hidden tuplets to make the beamed 16ths look normal. Then hide the final rest. Then you could make the ossia end before the barline.

It doesn’t “fix” the issue, but if you’re desperate enough for a solution, it’s relatively fast.

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Well… :slight_smile:
I’ve been playing around with this, and doesn’t Shift-B add an extra bar line? I’ve also experimented with a 17/16 bar and the like, but it’s all more trouble than it’s worth…

I’ll just live with the bar line in midair for now and maybe add a textbox as a fig leaf…
Thx for thinking along!


Sorry, I didn’t give the whole explanation. Shift-B, 1x will add a 16th note to the measure.

Actually I don’t think you even need hidden tuplets. Just hide the rest.

Looks smooth… :wink:, thx Dan!
But how do you get rid of that extra bar line?

Select it and press delete.

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:joy::rofl: Omg, thx. I wasn’t in front of the computer, if I had been, I would have tried that, sorry… :relieved::hugs:

Ossia Coda

back to the drawing board… Moving the end flag kills the bar line…
We’ll have to wait for an official solution, I guess.

All good, cheers,

Independent time signature on the ossia, then independent barline on the ossia?

Sorry, I’m reaching here. Let it go, Dan…

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You’re a good man… :innocent:

Have a great evening!