Coda Sign

Hi everybody,
searching the forum I saw a lot of posts related to Coda sign. I even saw that Dorico provides this sign - so I studied the new manual, but didn’t find neither Coda nor Coda sign.
So-how do I get a proper CODA SIGN??

I need it urgently…
Please help :stuck_out_tongue:

hi Peter,
Coda signs are not yet implemented, but there’s a simple workaround described in detail in this thread. Look for the post by Stefaan.


Thanks, Anders

Does Dorico Pro 2 include Coda Sign, D.S al fine, etc? thanks, Kevin

Those repeat signs are not implemented yet, nor do play.
As in Dorico 1, you will need to add them as system text (shift-alt-X) and paste the corresponding glyph from the usual Browse the glyphs > Repeats page.