I’m a 54 year old musician, songwriter, producer. I’ve always been solo but I want to start collab’g with another musician/songwriter. I’d love to work with a guy or a gal who can play an instrument and sing harmony, knows how to write vocal harmony, is a good producer. Would love to have input on my existing songs as well as write new ones. I do rock, rap fusion, country rock, electronic, a little bit of everything. I don’t do explicit stuff. I’m a faith based artist and I love writing music that shares the word in new and interesting ways. I am not overtly political in my music but I like touching on social issues at times. I lean conservative and am pro freedom. I don’t like formulaic music. I like creating music that is hard to classify. A few of my influences: eagles, steely dan, sting, led zep, depeche mode, isley brothers, elton, queen, beatles, mccartney and wings, styx, van halen, megadeth, george michael, beastie boys, rakim, run dmc, ewf, 70’s rock and soft rock, the old standards, jazz, some blues, tons of classical (Ravel, Rach, Gershwin, et al). Message me if you’re interested. Thanks