Collaborating on projects in Dorico

Hi there,

This is more of a question for the community:

Working on large multi-piece works – fx arranging a whole concert, orchestrating for an entire recording session – where you are multiple arrangers, copyists etc. How do you organize yourself?

Do you have multiple files for each cue/song/movement and merge them all together at the end so they show up as flows? Do you send the same file with all the flows back and forth?

Could Dorico in the future have a sort of cloud collaboration feature where multiple people could access and edit certain flows within the same file?

Hi bryla,
Well I did a feature request for integration of technology similar to VST Connect and VST Performer into Dorico Pro (VST Connect and Performer), Elements (only VST Performer) and SE (only VST Performer) which will allow people to instantly collaborate over internet. The feature request is here:

Until then you could collaborate by sharing Flows which can be Exported and Imported into the very same project. Probably this will be the fastest way?!

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