Collaboration Corner

Hi all,

I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be a thread for people looking to collaborate with other Steinberg users (unless I missed it). So I thought It would be cool to start one up. The premise is pretty simple, someone requests something and if you think you can help out or join forces then reply to the user and get a collaboration going using VST connect! :smiley:

So, just to get the ball rolling, I’m currently working on a song and in need of some female gang vocals. It’s pretty simple, I just need a group shouting “Hey” and “Hey, You”. If anyone could help me out with that, that’d be fantastic :mrgreen:

Hi Marcus, glad to have you contribute. I don’t have a female chorus nearby, so sorry about that. I like the concept; we’ve done it here by passing tracks back and forth, and I admit I don’t actually know how VST Connect works. Is that something I already have with Cubase? I have personally contributed guitar and bass tracks to other forum users, and am generally willing.