Collaboration Playback Template question

I have my project playing through my preferred selection of VSTis.

I send the project to my collaborator. She has different instruments, so she changes a few endpoints, does her work, and sends it back.

Then I spend hours trying to make it play again on my system.

What is the efficient way for me to switch it back to my preferred set of endpoints? A custom playBack template right? So does anyone have any clear simple documentation on how I could save my custom configuration of endpoints as a playback template that I could quickly apply to the project when I get it back? (the Operation Manual seems quite sparse and opaque on this topic.)

Seems like I have to fill in a lot of forms to capture what I already have set up. Is there no way to say “save all my current routing as a playback template”?

Any practical documentation on moving projects between collaborators with different VSTi’s?


Have you seen this video?

Thanks. I should have been clearer.

My collaborator has different VSTis.

It really ought to be as simple as you re-applying your own playback template after you receive the project back from your collaborator.

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Ought to be as simple. :grinning: Meantime in reality, here is a Dorico project …

When I open it I see a message “This project references a Playback Template playbacktemplate.user.jr_orch that is not installed on this system”.
I try Play>PlaybackTemplate> … any template, Dorico crashes immediately on my system.
What I finally figured out is that some time after the missing template message, a message about “Halion Sonic SE. Some audio files are missing. Please check installation.” appears. And if I don’t dismiss the Halion message before proceeeding, Dorico will crash.
I have tried re-installing Halion Sonic SE. Ran Steinberg Library Manager to confirm all content is in place. I’m not using Halion Sonic SE. Maybe my collaborator is using in it some way that is impacting me?
Shouldn’t Dorico:

  1. Include active playback template with the project file, or at least offer user an option to export a copy?
  2. be more robust around missing templates or content?
  3. inform user which Halion Sonic SE content it thinks is missing? I did a factory install. Is there maybe some optional Halion Sonic SE content my collaborator is using?

While we’re here,:

  1. after I’ve manually re-routed all the instruments (again), is there a quick way to save the current setup as a new Playback Template?
  2. Is there a quick way to validate all Steinberg Instrument content? Steinberg Library Manager is not showing any error messages. Is there a “check everything” function?

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I’m unable to reproduce the crash you describe after applying a new playback template after opening the project. Can you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file so that I can take a look at the crash logs and see what’s going on?

Regarding Steinberg Library Manager, so far as I know there’s no “check everything” function, but whatever shows up in the window is the content that it knows about. You should see the following items if everything for Dorico 4 is installed correctly:

To get your project back into your own preferred state, it really should be as simple as reapplying your custom playback template after you receive it back from your collaborator. If you haven’t yet made a playback template, you can indeed save the setup of your current project as a playback template that you can subsequently reapply after re-opening the project. Once you have your project set up the way you like, save the endpoint configuration for the whole rack in Play mode, then set up a playback template using that endpoint configuration in the Playback Template dialog.

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“To save a custom endpoint configuration that includes all VST instrument or MIDI instrument plug-in instances, click Save Endpoint Configuration in the action bar of the corresponding section of the VST and MIDI panel.”

For future searchers, what they are cryptically referring to is this tiny button under Play > VST and Midi tab …

Hard to find, but easy to remember if you think of emptying campervan toilets as an endpoint.

EDIT: False dawn. I found the button, saved endpoints, manual-added them to a custom playback template. But it still doesn’t apply as expected. Aaarrgh!

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I open a simple lead sheet project. Top line + chord names.
I try to apply my playback template using two VSTs that usually work fine.
poof! The whole of Dorico Mac immediately crashes to the Finder with no message .
On fully up-to-date MacBook pro M1Max with 32Gb RAM.
Crash report here …

Any suggestions please? thanks.

It looks as if the audio engine might have died. Can you run Dorico up again and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report so we can get a complete picture?

Thank you. The diagnostic report is here … Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

It doesn’t appear that the audio engine has died, in fact. Are you able to reproduce this problem at will?

No. It 's intermittent.