Collect and Save all or something similar?

In Ableton for example, you can save the project and it will pull in all the samples for easy archiving so your friend on the other end can open the project file with all the proper samples included. I cannot figure out a good way to do this in Cubase 5. Basically I’m looking for function that will pull all used samples into one place so I can then zip it up with the project file and my partner will be able to open properly.


if you use a new folder for each project you create and import each sample you you into your project folder then you can either just zip up the project folder or use the backup project option.
With the backup project option you can either consolidate your audio edits which means that whoever is at the other end won’t be able to undo them or leave them as they are, i cannot remember where the setting is for this but read the entries on ‘backup project’ in your manual.
This is something myself and some of the other guys i’m involved with do all the time and it works beautifully.
Although be aware also that if you both have different plug-ins this is likely to cause problems unless you freeze the relevant track/s or render them first, again your friend won’t be able to edit the plugin settings… our guitarist and i do this all the time.

there is an option in “file” menu that allows you to export the .cpr and all the associated samples to a nominated directory. It used to be called “save as new project” or something like that. I’m not at my music machine now so can’t tell you exactly what its called but IIRC its towards the lower bit of the “File” drop down menu.