Collection needs deleting but how?

Hi, I created a ‘collection’ in my my VSTi’s and want to delete it but cannot find where to do so. Now it goes there automatically and I have to kerep changing it back to ‘default’ to get my list.

I go to VSTi, Add instrument track, instrument (and I have some of my VSTi’s missing. so I somehow created a new set and they appeared) then I have to change it to default to get all my plugins back. Is there anyway to delete the ‘collection’ that I created as it is comes up initially and makes using cubase that much moire difficult.

Any help would be appreciated as I a newbie;)

You need to use Plugin Manager to create or delete such collections…should be self explanatory once you get there but if not either search on Cubase Plugin Manager or come back here.

Hi Nic,

Thanks very much I now have actually managed to get rid of the aforementioned collection and all is well.