Vorrei sapere come impostare la Ketron SD9 in modo da usare i suoi suoni interni con Dorico (no HALion e no Note Performer).
Vi do il link per poter vedere le caratteristiche della tastiera, ci sono i Pdf nelle varie lingue:

Ho contattato la ditta Ketron ma non mi ha ancora risposto! Spero tanto in voi.
Vi ringrazierei veramente tanto.

I have never used an external sound module with Dorico, but I’ll do my best with the knowledge that I have. You need to use MIDI instruments endpoints. In Play mode, under MIDI instruments, add a new MIDI instrument with the “+” sign. Then set the number of ports and channels (up to 16) according to your module. Each channel should be an instrument in your score.
After you click “OK”, go to the MIDI instruments section again and in the dropdown menu of your newly created MIDI endpoint configuration, choose your module, if it’s directly connected to your computer via USB, or the MIDI interface where your module is plugged in, if it’s connected via a DIN MIDI cable.
Then, for each instrument, you should choose your module and then a MIDI port and channel. After you’ve assigned those, you may change the expression map for each instrument if you need to, and you may have to create your own. You do this with the gear icon in the Endpoint configuration you created. Many instruments will work with the default expression map, provided that they react to MIDI velocity, some standard CC like 64 (sustain pedal) and pretty much nothing else.
For percussion instruments, you should also choose a Percussion map. If your sound module uses a General MIDI percussion map, then you just have to choose it in the dropdown menu. I’m not savvy with percussion maps, so my information could be incomplete or inaccurate.
Last, although you have certainly done this, be sure that your module is plugged into your mixer/speakers, otherwise you’ll get no sound!

Grazie sei stato gentilissimo.
Il mio problema è che non capisco bene le finestre MIDI sulla Ketron, non so come vanno impostate;

Unfortunately, not having the module myself, I cannot help you with that. You’ll have more luck reaching Ketron support. I would look for setting up a channel (and a port, if the module has more than one) for each instrument in Dorico that you want to use, and then set up the ensemble in the Ketron.

Hai guardato il manuale allegato sopra “SD9-Manual” (scritta blu)?