Colliding Worlds shows but won't load

Hello, I’d be grateful for any helpful advice on this…

I just installed Colliding Worlds and it shows up ok along with the other kits in GA4. But nothing happens when I double click on a preset.
I read in another post that someone else was having a similar issue a while back but the solution - essentially forcing Cubase to create new GA folders in AppData - didn’t work for me. It’s very frustrating as I want to play!!

I only installed the DVD version of GA4 a couple of days ago so will be downloading the update later to see if that helps. In the meantime, any ideas?

Thanks, Steve


you are not allown!
I have the same Problem.

When I found the solution, I would tell informate you.



I found it!
Make an Upgrade of Version 4.2 from GA4. Than it works!!!


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I just got around to doing this and it worked for me too :slight_smile: