Collision of dynamics when using cross-staff-beaming

If I add a dynamic symbol to the upper piano staff, collisions with cross-staff beaming in the second voice are not automatically prevented.

No, that’s correct. There’s really no obvious automatic way to solve this kind of situation, so Dorico doesn’t try. Perhaps this is something that we will come back to in the future.

Hello, there. I have similar question. Does the same apply when hairpins are in use? Or there is a workaround?
Many thanks.

The same does apply when hairpins are involved. Hairpins are arguably less problematic as they can sometimes cross stems without it looking too bad, but since the optimal solution will depend on the specific musical context, Dorico doesn’t (currently) try to solve the problem for you.

I think the usual way to deal with hairpins overlapping cross-staff notes is to push the beams up or down (whichever is closest) so that they’re out of the way of the hairpins, and allowing the hairpins to overlap the stems but not the beams. It would be amazing if Dorico would do this automatically!

I suppose so… but I do think we have to remember that a program can only do so much [well]. Sometimes I get the impression that we are begging Dorico to “do our homework for us” so to speak.