Color by Scale degree in piano roll & VariAudio

Both the piano roll and VariAudio enables the option to colors notes by pitch like so:

I would like to have the option to color the notes not by absolute pitch but by scale degree (so first degree is always the same color, regardless of scale)
The scales can be derived from the chord track.
Basically it only matters what the tonic is - other pitches can be colored chromatically from the tonic. The import thing is that first degree (Do) will always have the same color, 2 semitones above the tonic (Re) will always have the same color etc.

I think that’s good because scale degrees are a very musical and intuitive way to conceptualize notes and is often used as a good teaching device for ear training. This way it’s going to be easy to understand what the part will sound like just by looking at it.

What happens when you select Scale/Chords?

I get this information:

  • Is the note part of the chord
  • Is the note part of the Scale

I don’t want the colors to tell me whether the note is in the scale, but where in the scale is it.

This is a very nice feature request. I like the concept of moveable Do for music, which is similar to using numbers as is common in the US.

I would love it if Cubase could conform to Scale degrees, not only for this, but for naming chords on the chord track, according to degree, ie, I II III IV V VI VII. This would enable advanced ways to spell chords, and possibly to use Roman numerals.

I added my vote.


That’s a great idea.