Color Code for objects and beds

color code for object and bed
Immediately identifying Object and Bed would be very helpful.


And desperate to be able to see the colour of markers in the marker list - we use colours to denote rehearsals, takes etc and it can be difficult to easily see a particular marker among hundreds if them.

Hey Conrad!
Just to make sure I explained myself well…I’m not talking about the markers but the tracks in the session.

It would be great to be able to give a specific color to the tracks in question

But tracks are not Beds or Objects per se. They are audio tracks routed to either bed and/or obects. And that can change during the session.
Maybe you meant the Outputs used for Beds and Objects?

Hey Steven

Thnx For your reply

I meant like pro tools does but in a more pratical way
On pro tools when a track becomes object in the session it is identified with a specific color (related to oputput)

In Nuendo should be more pratical, with just a different colour or on the icon of the track…maybe…don’t know
Screenshot 2024-05-07 alle 14.37.56
Screenshot 2024-05-07 alle 14.38.04
in short…something…even little…rather than like now…because for now there is no way to identify quickly and at first glance who is object and who is bed…in the session.
Something …rather than nothing :slight_smile:
At the moment to identify I personally created a macro that turns track into object or bed, and automatically inserts after the name the suffix_OBJ or _BD
…It becomes complex in the case of long names

I can continue this, although I hope it can be solved with little effort on the part of the programmers