Color coding effects in the mixer

I think this feature could be useful and easily implemented.

Great Idea.

+1. Per instance, rather than per plug-in, though. Eg I might want all my delays red… but be using a multi-effect or amp sim or some such as a delay.

I like this idea also. Just to clarify, are you suggesting a default color could be user assigned per plug-in? As that is what I would want. This could be added to the Plug-in Manager window and be used for default track colors for VSTis also.

To respond, Quinn3k3, a color scheme that you create (customized color swatches ) and assign to whatever you wish. If I wanted my reverbs in red, so there… It’s a clear answer to easily spotting effects in the inserts.


Pushing the idea a bit further, how about assigning a color scheme from withing the plug-in manager?
e.g. if my reverb of choise is Valhallaroom, assign red so every time i choose it as an insert, red it goes…

Yes, that would be great as a default.

BUT… with the ability to override that colour choice at instance level. Eg. if I want all my delays to appear blue and all my distortions red… but want to use Quadrafuzz or VST Amp Rack only for their duck delay. Usually I’d want those plugins to be red, but on occasions I’d prefer they were blue.