Color conversion

How do I use VSTGUI to convert from HSL to RGB?
How do I set a color with HSL?


I saw that, but where is the output/return of it?

something like that?
color.fromHSL (h, s, l);
return color;

Hmm, ok you miss some fundamental c++ knowledge. In this case you can use it like this:

CColor color (kRedCColor);
// convert the red rgb color to hsl:
double hue, saturation, lightness;
color.toHSL (hue, saturation, lightness);
// now hue saturation and lightness are filled with the correct values
// if you want to change the saturation and then convert back to rgb you do:
saturation /= 2.;
color.fromHSL (hue, saturation, lightness);

Hope this helps.

Yes good topics. Colors are so important in a big project . Otherwise you can spend much time searching tracks than making music lol. I invest hours to create a template with different colors and it helps a lot