Color management & Event display - tracks

I’m having a hard time understanding the coloring system in Cubase Artist 10.5. First off: It is not stored with preferences? Why on earth not? And even when I load a preset in preferences, the colors actually change on strips - but the thumbnails/color tiles in preferences stay default grey? And the color selector (in preferences that is!) is gradient only, with no option to store or load colors? So if I want to create my own workflow with color codes on everything, I can not only NOT store it in general preferences, but i have to manually store the color values for each and every color I want to implement in my permanent workflow setup - and then I have to type them in manually for every single track type I want to set a custom color for? Really? This is so cumbersome it feels like a bug?

Upon watching a youtube tutorial covering some of this stuff, I saw one guy pull up something else I have been frustrated about: the lack of ability to colorize track controls. But in the video which he said was of Cubase 10, he could just select and adjust that precise thing in preferences - Event display - Tracks. His video showed four different things he could adjust; Colorize track controls fader, Colorize only folder track controls checkbox, Default track name width counter and Auto track color mode drop down box. In my preferences - Event display - Tracks, I can only edit Default track name width. Where is the rest?

Honestly, the whole color management in C10.5 feels like something severly underprioritized and left at the bottom of the work pile? Surely something as vital to project management and production efficiency should be a bit easier to manage?

Hi and welcome,

There is an known bug. If you save the colour change as a preset, then it doesn’t work and the settings is lost. Just don’t save it as a preset, then the settings works as expected.

If you want to make a backup, restart Cubase after the colour setup and then make a Profile.