Color of the tempo


Does someone know how I can change the color of the “Éditeur de piste tempo” I don’t know the name in english (I’m french).

:confused: :confused:

I know I can change “general” color but I want just to see the line not change all. :confused:


Change the color of the Tempo Track.

Ok now I know that “Éditeur de piste tempo” in french version is “Tempo Track” in english version.

Thank you It’s useful for searching on google. unfortunately I found nothing in google to explain what I have to do to change the color of this line.

I forgot to precise that I’m in Cubase 7.

Does someone can help me ?


As I said, change the color of the track. In the Project window select the track. In he Inspector, click to the small triangle, which is on the right side of the very 1st tab (name of the track). Choose the color.

Of course you are right :mrgreen:

It’s because I’m not use to create a tempo track in the project windows but I use it directly with cmd+T and the difference with the french version wrong me. :unamused:

Thank you :smiley: