Color Outputs in the Mixer?

I at times get a lot of tracks going and have an optional track color pack installed, which is very nice and functional. To this day I might be missing something (hope so) but have looked hard at trying to get some other color than grey in the outputs section of the Mixer. Do you know what I am missing or is it not possible? It would be handy to be able to color the outputs so that when you are back from the mix console a ways you could easily pick out the main stereo outs from others in the group.


Works here for output channels just like any other channel.
Just open the mixer and cursor over the track name at the bottom of the track.
The cursor needs to be placed over the right hand side of the track name.
A little downwards arrow should pop up. Click it and the color choices should pop up.


If your outputs are visible in the project page, scroll down to the outputs and select one.
Now, in the inspector, at the top, where the channel name appears in color.
Place the cursor over this track name field and scroll your mouse wheel.
Should scroll through all the available colors.

Hi Rotund,

Is this behavior of the Mixconsole (output) channel being able to be colored new in version 8? I am gun shy about going to 8 so I am still on the latest version of 7.5.4. In the version I have there is the arrow popup for all regular tracks in the Mixcosole and they work exactly as you describe, but none in the outputs at all on this end. So I wonder if this is version dependent?

Let me know about this if you are onto it. In the meantime I will download the Op Manual and see if I can find it in Version 8.


I had exactly the same Cubase 7.5 problem as you when working with older projects (created with Cubase 6). I didn’t find a solution.

Hum, that is encouraging. On this end I have the issue with a fresh, brand new file created version 7.5…4. So at least here an older version file was not the issue.

Such a simple thing but would be real useful I had the capability.


I’m using Nuendo 6.5, I saw in your signature that you are using 7.5.
(Pretty much the same)
Did you try the other method, from the project window?

I tried to get there, (adding color to an OUTPUT) in the project window but was not able to figure out how you get the output (say for instance the Main Stereo Out) on a track to color. I do see where you can add a Group Channel Track. That works fine as it reveals the little down arrow to the right in both the project window and the Mixconsole.
Looks like as long as one can get the output into a track you are set. So the real answer to my issue might be on getting the output channel on the main project window in a track. I am probably missing something but again I have no idea how to get there.

Thanks for your reply!

try doing some automation on the master output in mixer, for example fade out. the master channel will then appear in your project window at the bottom where the group track + fx tracks are, it may also be in a folder labeled “stereo out”. Then follow steps as said above.
you can always adjust or cancel automation later.