Color Pane Selector Bug in Preferences

Hi, there seems to be a bug in some of the Color Selector Panes in my “Preferences – User interface” area.
The normal (healthy?) Color Selector Pane looks like this.
colour pane working properly.PNG
However, I see this in the following areas.
Colour Pane Bug.PNG
Preference – User Interface:
Color schemes – Click on “Choose Custom Color”
Custom Colors: Click on “Focus Color”
MixConsole Fader Colors. Click on any of the colored squares.

The Hue control has a range of 0 to 359
The saturation has a range of 0 to 100
The brightness has a range of 0 100
However, there seems to be some weird interaction between the three. It is not possible for all three to be at their maximum range simultaneously. And one is forced to work with colors within the smooth area. It’s not possible to access the pixelated areas. Anyway, there shouldn’t be any pixelated areas. The Color Selector Panes in the other areas (MixConsole Channel Strip Colors, for example) are working normally. Just the above mentioned places.
The problem was there in the original release and is still there in the update. I also did a fresh full install and the problem is still there, so I really don’t think it’s my computer. Can anyone else confirm this?


This is not a bug.

Hi Martin, thanks for your quick response. I had looked through the documents and video tutorial for some info on the odd chance that it was not a bug but a feature, but didn’t find anything. Well good to know, although this has messed with some of the color settings that I had in Cubase 9 pro. Thanks again.