Color question

I selected all of my tracks and used the Color Menu tool to make them all a blue color. Now I want to set my Instrument Track default color to the same blue. Problem: when setting the track colors, Cubase only gives you some paint chips but no RGB numbers. When setting the default color for a track-type, Cubase displays the RGB code but there’s no way to tell what the RGB code is of the color you used in the Color Menu tool.

How do you find out what the RGB code is for the color used in the Color Menu tool??? There is a free third-party tool called Color Cop that sort of works but the match isn’t 100%. Besides, we shouldn’t have to use it.

Another issue is when you select a track and display the Color Menu tool, the chosen color is not selected in the palette! If you have set the Color Menu tool to display 32 colors and 4 shades of each, it’s very difficult to find the current color used in the track.

I find the entire color scheme settings very confusing, convoluted, and overly complicated.

Okay, I found that if you go to User Interface > Track & MixConsole Channel Colors > Use Last Applied Color, this solves the problem. What a convoluted way to do things :frowning:!!