Color to whole line in Tack list

I’m trying to apply color to the part in the track list which has the track name, the mute and color button etc (I don’t know the technical name for it!) … I want be able to change this color to match the color that give to the track icon on the left … if I choose a color for a track, eg Red, that main part of the track stays the same color as the “Focus Zone Background” – I just can’t figure out how to change the color of that part of the line.

Can anyone advise how its done?


When a track is selected, the main body of its track list (i.e. everything but the bit on the very left) turns light grey, and cannot be changed, but, when tracks are not selected, the color in the Tracklist can be controlled in Preferences>Event Display>Tracks>Colorize Track Controls (set the slider all the way to the right).

Ahaaa . That’s it. Thanks.