Color Tool for Tracks only


there are 3 ways to change color on tracks or events:

  1. the color tool for events → works fine
  2. the color tool for tracks or events → you have to unselect events to colorize tracks
  3. via the inspector → works for one track only

Please give us a color tool for tracks only or let us colorize more than one track via the inspector. The latter would be the best and easiest solution.

Thank You.

You can also shift + click on track header to change track color as well, but it only works for 1 track.

I absolutely hate how you have to unselect events before using the color palette. So yes, this would be great.

I disagree. We don’t color tracks - only clips and events in different colors to document certain sources, options and states. For our work it is therefore imperative that the general color tool only colors selected events and not the track. Therefore, the events must be deselected beforehand in order to color the track.

And that‘s totally fine. But coloring multiple tracks should be an easy one click process.