Color - Tracks and Channels

I’d like to be able to click on a channel in the project window, change the color of the channel and have the track that is associated with that channel change as well.
Why are these separate? Is there an option I haven’t selected? It would be nice if it worked in reverse as well. Change the color of the events and the channels will change with them. Get a whole group of drum tracks, select them , turn them a color and the channels would match. what am I missing?

Since technically speaking you do not see any channels in the project window - what do you refer to as a channel? Can you make a picture?

Thanks, Johnny. I have no idea. The things that have the track names, the E for editing and when you click them, the inspector comes up. Are those not channels? Those things, haha. The events are the things that a recorded.

If you’re on a PC (sorry don’t know for Mac) use Snip & Sketch which is part of Windows to make a screen capture of 1) The thing that you are setting the color on and 2) the other thing that you want to also have its color change.

We don’t understand which specific items you are referring to.

While it doesn’t help with your coloring question - here is what a track and what a channels is in Cubase:

The tracklist in the Project window shows, well, tracks.
The mixing console shows channels.

Channels reside always within tracks, but not every track has a channel, like the Marker track on the above example.

A channel in Cubase can either be mono, stereo, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, and so on. You get the idea. So a channel is not automatically mono like it mostly is on analog consoles. A channel can also be a MIDI channel, thus MIDI tracks can appear in the mixer console.
A track can have more than one channel. This is the case when there is a plugin loaded on the track that offers more than one audio output. In the above example Halion Sonic has three channels inside one track.

There are “hidden tracks” that have a channel but don’t seem to appear in the tracklist. Input busses would be an example. But they become visible in the track list when toggling the global “Write automation” button. Another hidden channel is the pre-listen bus. I have not found a way to make its track visible in any way.

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This is great!Thank you. Yes, the track lists! Id like to color the track (in the track list so it is obviously the track) Where you have track, wouldn’t that be the event? in either case, I’d like to color the thing on the left and have the thing on the right change colors to match!

The things that populate a track are either audio events or parts (midi and audio). They store their own color. If the parts were never colorized by you, the user, then they will automatically take on the color of their track.

So, parts and events will be colorized when you color a track - unless you have chosen a specific color for them already. Then Cubase thinks that you had a good reason to do so and will just happily accept that.

I am not aware of a way to have tracks colored by colorizing parts/events.

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Ah, thank you for these detailed explanations!

And there’s a good reason that it works this way, since you might choose to colour events to represent, for example, verses, choruses, bridges etc. in this case you would not necessarily want the tracks (and channels) to change colour when you change the colour of an event.

You could, of course, make a feature request for the behaviour you desire, to be available as an option.