Color... !

Occasionally color are so similar to
each other that they don’t really helping !

Assured that you’ll can find solution !

Thanks in advance

You mean to say that there are actually two shades of red there? I cant distinguish between them!


red and orange I would say…

The f in the top stave of bar 52 is definitely orange on my screen, but the arrowed notes below it in the LH are both red to me – even with a magnifying glass.

Is it possible that I have some wierd setting on my computer? (I am not colour blind!)


They’re distinguishable on both of my machines but I have to focus on it!

If I increase magnification on my laptop (Asus Zenbook) to 300%, the a-flat in bar 50 is only just distinguishably orange when I am close to the screen. Slightly better ability to distinguish at magnification of 150% on the two 21" Acer monitors that I use with my desktop. But in both cases I have to look very hard.

I am not sure why different colours are needed for the LH and pedal staves. Why cannot the blue, purple and orange colours be repeated as on the RH stave?


Multi-staff instruments don’t duplicate colours because it would make cross-stem notes a mess. My guess is that it’s an unnecessary additional complication to have a separate rule for organs on the basis that the pedal staff never cross-stems notes.