Colored noteheads

I’d like to color noteheads in correspondance with their degrees relative to the current chord, for instance red for root, yellow for 3rd, 5th and 7th.

The simple way would be to manually color noteheads (tedious)

The ideal way would be an option to ask Dorico color the notes with respect of the chord used for the corresponding beats (user defined color map of course !). That would be a great feature to analyse and/or teach jazz soloing …


Thanks for the suggestion.

I queried the help documentation, but I didn’t find how to specifically color one notehead manually . Is there a way to do that and how to access it ?

You can colour noteheads by selecting them and setting the Color property at the far left of the properties panel.

In fact I already ended up finging this from reading another message thread, and I just came back here to say problem solved

So many things in Dorico, it takes a while to figure them out, even when scanning the documentation and watching the videos :slight_smile:

It would be great to have a way to keep the color window opened, choose a colour and then click on noteheads you want to set to that colour (for instance select red and then click on all root notes for the notated chords along a staff, then select yellow and click on 3rd and 7th). That would save time.

May be this is already feasible ?

You can also filter by pitch. Select all the music, and filter-Select just a certain pitch to color all those in one shot.

Hi everyone,

so you can color the noteheads? How is this done? I’ve looked around editing the noteheads, but didn’t see it there.

thanks if someone can tell me?


Select the (range of) noteheads. Then a right-click pull-down gives you the chance to select Notehead > Pitched > FigureNote Noteheads

Or, if you want all of the notes in the score to be coloured according to the Figurenotes scheme, you can choose that on the Notes page of Engraving Options.

Is there a way to color future notes? That is, can I set the color before entering notes? Maybe using another voice, and coloring by voice is the only option. But then it’s difficult to choose a color.

No, at the moment there’s no way to set a “sticky” colour that will be applied to all future notes.